How to Use and Install the Festinger's WordPress Automatic Update Plugin

You can now update your WordPress items automatically without the need of a manual download.

Download the Plugin

Download the Festinger’s Auto Updates
Plugin down below and get ready for step 2.


Install the Plugin

Install the Plugin by checking the screenshots
down below. You can install the plugin as
a regular WordPress plugin. Install & activate.

Once installed, please proceed to step 3.



You can find your API credentials from
your account dashboard. You will need

Please check the screenshots below.

Do you need any help!? Drop me a support ticket & I got your back.


Check the screenshots below for installation and configuration instructions.

API Credentials

After installing the Automatic Updates plugin, you can find the API credentials from your account dashboard. You will need the MASTER API KEY PRODUCT ID.

Perform Auto Updates

Once installed and configured, it will check the Festinger’s WordPress Vault hourly for new updates. No need to update manually anymore!

Activate Auto Updates Plugin

Copy the MASTER API KEY and PRODUCT ID from your account dashboard and press ‘Activate Key’. Automatic Updates are now activated!

Auto Update Items Individually

You can update either plugins and themes individually from your dashboard with one single click. You have full control!

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Need help? Check the FAQs.

MASTER API KEY and PRODUCT ID are only generated if a subscription is active. That means if your payment is still pending for example, no credentials are available. Please check your orders and membership tab from your account for the actual status of your payment and membership. Paid but no membership available? You can submit a support ticket and we handle it for you.

The monthly plan is limited to 5 domains. Lifetime, semi-annual and annual plans can have unlimited activations. Do you need more than 5 activations? Consider upgrading your account.

To enable the automatic updates feature, it’s required that you install the plugin manually at the begin. Our Automatic Update plugin checks the themes and plugins that have been installed already on your website. If there is a newer version available on our website, you’re getting a notification that you can automatically update the item.  You can still choose to update the items manually by installing this plugin.

Yes, it’s completely safe to use. You can check the VirusTotal report here.

Once installed, the plugin checks hourly for new updates. If you just installed the plugin, wait 60 minutes and login to your WordPress dashboard. You will see the available updates for your WordPress items.

Yes. As soon as I get notified about an update, I go and download it from the author and update it on the site. I send regular emails advising when items have been updated so please be sure to provide an active email address when you sign up. Items are updated on daily basis. You can submit an update request on the items page if you need an update sooner.

We’re here to help you. Please submit a ticket from your account dashboard if you have a question unanswered.