Awebooking Fees

in on June 13, 2020


A clever way to lure in more guests and make more money by adding separate mandatory charged fee to the room rate.


Awebooking Fee allows administrator to create additional different fees and include them to all or particular room type with ease. Being flexibly developed, fees can be varied in price and condition. It helps hotelier to advertise basic rate yet charge a higher rate with extra fees.


After activating both Awebooking Fees and Awebooking Rules, admin is able to create unlimited charged fees in Hotel > Fees with plenty of available conditions. Each fee can be applied for any room-type and the price will be charged in addition to the room rate as default. Customers can view the fees detail at check-out step without ability to reject them.


Advanced condition is only valid if Awebooking Rules is installed. If you just need to use Fee no Rules (simple charged fee), you can ignore Awebooking Rules


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  • Released

    June 13, 2020

  • Last Updated

    July 12, 2020

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