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in on June 18, 2020


The Awesome Support Documentation add-on fills a critical piece of your support infrastructure – end-user documentation that your users will love.  And a tool that your agents can use directly inside of a ticket reply – without constantly switching browser tabs or applications.

With this add-on you can:

  • Create documentation for multiple products
  • Create extensive documentation that include multiple chapters and sections
  • Create separate or alternative documentation for each version of your product
  • Present a very functional user interface to the end user
  • Integrate documentation in the agent reply dashboard
  • Integrate documentation in the automatic search function when the user fills out a topic for a new ticket (coming soon)
  • Customize colors, fonts, logos etc so that they match your current brand
  • Create documentation on the fly – as you reply to a ticket

A Beautiful Default Documentation Experience

As soon as you fill out your first documentation item you will be able to present a beautiful, very functional documentation site to your user – all with a minimum of fuss.

Integrate With The Agent Reply Area

If you’re familiar with our FAQ add-on you already know how this works.  Agents can search documentation or pick from a drop-down list of topics – then automatically insert a customized message with a link to that documentation item.  This saves your agent a lot of time – no more switching tabs to a different software product just to copy and paste links to your documentation.

Extensive Configuration Options

Multiple pages of options allow you to control every aspect of the documentation experience – check out the gallery images below:


Admins can choose to offer a quick feed-back option using THUMBS UP / THUMBS DOWN images with customized color options.  Statistics are kept for each document and can be sorted so that the highest/lowest are at the top/bottom of the documentation list.

Social Sharing

Turn on/off social sharing options via Facebook, Email, Linked in, Twitter and Email.  The admin can control the location of the sharing icons as well as the color and choose from two shapes (round, rectangle)

View Counts

  • Keep a count of how often a document is viewed
  • Sort by the view count in the main document list to get an idea of which documents are the most popular


As you would expect, you can search directly inside any documentation item using a search option at the bottom of every document.


Release Information

  • Released

    June 18, 2020

  • Last Updated

    July 9, 2020

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