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in on June 15, 2020


Selling products through Envato Market? We’ve got you covered. With the Envato Validation addon, you can limit tickets submissions to your actual clients. By asking for their Envato purchase code, the plugin will make sure that the people asking you for help did buy your product.

The plugin is really flexible and has more advanced features than what you usually find in this kind of tool. Here is what really makes it better.

Single Product Support

If you are supporting only one product, then it’s really easy to setup the Envato Validation addon. You just need to provide your Envato username and a valid API key along with the ID of the product you’re providing support for.

Why the product ID? Because this addon goes further than most plugins. Not only does it check if the license a user provides is valid, but it also checks if it is valid for the product you’re supporting.

Multiple Products Support

If you are selling and supporting multiple products on Envato Market, the validation addon will work just as well. The difference is that you can control the type of validation on a per-product basis.

Here are the different setups you can have.

  • Ask for a valid license for all products,
  • Ask for a valid license on specific products only,
  • Ask for a valid license that matches the products

Matching the license with the product becomes even more useful with multiple products. This allow you to make sure that someone who bought a $6 item does not get support for a $30 item!

Per-Product Setup

How to setup the Envato Validation per product? It’s really simple. Just edit the product, enable the license validation and specify the product ID if you with to check the license against the product ID.

This allows you to easily provide free support for some of your products and paid support to others (limited to people you know bought your item).


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    June 15, 2020

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