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in on June 19, 2020


With the advent of the GDPR and other similar privacy regulations around the globe, its important that you offer your customers methods to secure their data.  The Private Credentials add-on for Awesome Support give your customers a way to securely add sensitive data to tickets – data that is automatically removed when tickets are closed.

Customers tend to post private data in support tickets – whether you want them to or not!  From credit card numbers and passwords to health information – they inadvertently post private data in a medium that is not fully encrypted.  With this add-on however, you can collect sensitive information and store them encrypted in your database.  Configurable with up to two additional layers of encryption, you can provide a safer environment for your users to provide sensitive information.

Unlimited Credentials

In an era when everything is password protected, a single ticket can easily require multiple credentials for multiple systems.  This extension allows your users to enter as many credentials as needed, all neatly segmented into their own data card.

Easy To Use

The user simply clicks a button, enters the private data and pushes the “save” button to have confidential information saved to the ticket.  Ticket agents are notified on the ticket and can simply click a link to pop up the credentials.

Secure Upon Activation

As soon as the add-on is activated, every credential is encrypted and stored in the database.  A second encryption layer (highly recommended) is available by creating a key in wp-config – with a value that is unique to you!

An Additional Barrier Against Hackers

Good security is a multi-headed beast.  This add-on will not grant you perfect security by itself.  You still need SSL, good network firewalls and other security protocols.  But, it presents an additional barrier to would-be hackers interested in collecting your customers sensitive data.

Automatic Wipe

When a ticket is closed, all private data associated with the ticket is automatically removed from the database.  This reduces the amount of sensitive data that you store in your databases, making it a less attractive target for hackers.

Other Precautions

  • Credentials are not shown unless the agent actively chooses to view them.
  • Your customers can delete their credentials at any time.
  • Removing or changing the private key in wp-config will immediately render all prior saved credentials useless

Release Information

  • Released

    June 19, 2020

  • Last Updated

    July 9, 2020

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