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in on June 23, 2020


Allows the store owner to change the default locations Exchange redirects customers to after actions like a successful login.

The Modify Default Redirects Add-on for ExchangeWP allows you to customize where a customer is redirected after completing a specific action on your ExchangeWP-powered store. This can be helpful if you’d like to customize what your customers see after registering an account, logging in or completing a purchase.

Redirection Options Included in the Modify Default Redirects Add-on

With the Modify Default Redirects Add-on, you can change default ExchangeWP redirects to any WordPress post or page for the following customer actions:

  • Successful login from the Login Page
  • Successful login from the Checkout Page 
  • Successful registration from the Registration Page
  • Successful registration from the Checkout Page 


How to Use the Modify Redirects Add-on for ExchangeWP

1. Follow the normal WordPress plugin installation methods to install and activate the Modify Redirects Add-on plugin.

2. After installing and activating, you’ll see the Modify Default Redirects Add-on has been enabled from the Exchange > Add-ons page.

3. Click the Settings gear. You’ll now see the Modify Default Redirects settings page.

4. From here, you can change select the page type (Default, Exchange Page, WordPress Page or Post).

5. After selecting your page type, another drop-down will populate with a list to correspond with your selection.

6. Select your Page or Post and click Save Changes. Now customers will be redirected to your custom post or page after they complete the corresponding action.


Release Information

  • Released

    June 23, 2020

  • Last Updated

    July 9, 2020

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