Festinger's WordPress Vault

Migration has been started!

I have been working on a very complex and unique update of the WordPress Vault. It's not a simple update, it required (and requires) a lot of time to test everything extensively. You'll be excited!

  1. Automatic Updates: automatic updates will become available for every customer with a valid subscription. You're able to enable automatic updates by installing the Festinger's WordPress Vault Plugin to your WP website and insert an API key from your account dashboard. It will automatically update the theme or plugin on your website!
  2. Improved filter and search: a highly requested feature is to add a better filter / search system. With the current version of the Vault, users do have to use Google to find a suitable WordPress item for their project. I have gone through all items and categorized them. Each single item has now been categorized and can be searched / filtered by this new update.
  3. 75% of your requested items will be in the new vault! I have received many, many requests in the last 8 months. I am happy to announce that the new vault would have 3596 items! That's in increase of 1300 items with the current vault! Please note that if your request is not included, might be added later for sure.
  4. More Frequent updates to items: the team will be extended with a VA, which allows more updates per day.
  5. Change of Affiliate Program: I am launching a complete new affiliate program, earn up to 35% commission of every signup and renewal. I will add visuals and other promotional material too.

Every customers will be compensated for the expected downtime! 

Need urgent help? Start a PM on BHW! 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.