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in on June 14, 2020


Automate your most common Gravity Forms entry maintenance tasks in a snap. Schedule automatic deletion, exporting, and more.

Easy Task Scheduling

Never forget to maintain your data with automated entry deletion and exporting

Entry Deletion

Schedule automated entry deletion to ensure your data is always current

Data Export

Schedule entry data exporting and generate regular reports in a variety of formats

Export Entry Notes

Include notes posted to entries in your JSON and PDF export files.

Export to JSON

JSON exports make it easy to integrate third-party solutions with your forms data. Greatly expands on Gravity Forms’ capabilities.

Export to PDF

Generate beautiful PDF reports to email and review internally or with clients. This option is not available with Gravity Forms default export process.

Custom Field Labels and Ordering

Easily customize how fields appear in your exported reports. Configure the ordering of your fields and even rename them with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Schedule Automatic Deletion

Old data is old news. Entry Automation makes it easy to schedule regular cleanups of old data so you can easily browse the latest and most relevant data.

Conditional Logic

Take advantage of in-depth filtering and targeting options to automate entry management using conditional logic.

Email Upon Export

Exported files can be emailed directly, enabling you to send and receive digests, reports, and more automatically.

Developer Friendly

Developers love Entry Automation! With plenty of available hooks and filters, you can modify exported data including file names and content, and execute actions before or after the task is complete.


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  • Released

    June 14, 2020

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    July 12, 2020

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