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in on June 11, 2020


i-Search Pro changes the way of WordPress Search. It’s full WooCommerce compatible. Provide Live search results in milliseconds. Log not found search queries for a better SEO. Add extra search terms to your posts. Include almost everything in your search results.

Demo: https://i-search-pro.all4wp.net/
Admin Demo: https://i-search-pro.all4wp.net/

i-Search Pro features

i-Search is built on top of speed and flexibility. Search in any post types, custom fields, taxonomies, meta keys, ACF fields, WooCommerce products, categories… Almost search in anywhere!

+ Compatible plugins

  • Advanced custom fields (ACF)
  • WpBakery (Visual composer)
  • WPML (Every single option is WPML compatible)
  • Max Mega Menu (For search instances in the menu)
  • WooCommerce (Full Compatible with stock management and variable products)

+ Post metabox settings / Taxonomy meta box settings

  • Add extra search terms to your posts
  • Also for taxonomies
  • Exclude specified post(s) from the search
  • Add a different image for the search suggestion

+ Search string handle

  • i-Search supports 4 different search types
  • Ignore search words order but match all keywords (With pluralization)
  • Match at least one search word (With pluralization)
  • Keep search words order, match all keywords and try to pluralize (Exact match)
  • Try to keep search words order, try to match all keywords and pluralize (Exact match with pluralization)

+ Pluralization

  • Enter pluralization rules for your language
  • i-Search considers the pluralization rules when searching
  • Example: “The meaning of life” is the same as “The meanings of lifes”
  • Add (unlimited) words to exclude from search
  • With wildcards allowed
  • Example: ” rang ” will ignore the words; “Orange”, “Range”, “Ranger”, “Rang”
  •  * ” acts as a wildcard
  • Select from a list of ALL your taxonomies
  • i-Search will never search in the selected keys
  • A good option to exclude some categories

+ Word replacement

  • Add words (unlimited) you want to be replaced (in both directions)
  • Example: Replace “&” with “AND” (and vice versa)
  • Example: Replace “1” with “ONE” (and vice versa)
  • Example: Replace “IV” with “4” (and vice versa)

+ Mobile device settings

  • Hide images on mobile devices
  • Hide badges (wooCommerce) on mobile devices
  • Hide excerpt (wooCommerce) on mobile devices
  • Hide price (wooCommerce) on mobile devices
  • Hide badges (wooCommerce) on mobile devices
  • Hide categories (wooCommerce) on mobile devices

+ Search in meta keys and taxonomies

  • Select from a list of ALL your meta keys and taxonomies
  • i-Search will search in the selected keys also

+ Multiple search instances

  • i-Search supports multiple (unlimited) instances, independent of each other
  • Creating instances is very easy with the powerful instance builder
  • Search instances can be built for mobile and desktop devices differently

+ Search analysis/logging

  • i-Search logs every NOT found search query
  • i-Search logs also every click on a search suggestion and build a search flow for a better analyzing
  • Example scenario: A search for: “MakBook” => no results => user corrected the search => “MacBook” => results => user clicked on “MacBook Pro”
  • i-Search will log all these steps to optimize your posts for a better SEO
  • All the logging functionality can be disabled for every search instance separately

+ Content builder

  • A powerful feature of i-Search
  • Display almost any meta key/taxonomy in your suggestions
  • No need for coding skills

Release Information

  • Released

    June 11, 2020

  • Last Updated

    July 9, 2020

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