WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

in on June 15, 2020


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The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin allows you to keep the stock quantity of products (based on SKU) in sync across multiple WooCommerce stores. As soon as the stock quantity of a product changes, the plugin will push the new stock quantity to all connected shops. It’s really like magic and works great with both regular WordPress installations as well as multisites.

WooCommerce product stock quantity sync for multisite or any domain

The shops are linked to each other by URL in the plugin settings, so you can sync with WooCommerce running on any of your domains.

Using separate WordPress installations or a multisite on subdomains:

  • https://www.webshop.com/
  • https://retail.webshop.com/
  • https://distributor.webshop.com/

or using different domains (either with or without multisite):

  • https://www.abc-shop.fr/
  • https://www.shop.com.au/
  • https://www.webshop.co.nz/

Notice: The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin only syncs the stock quantity. There are no plans to support syncing other product data.

Easy setup, solid synchronization

This plugin is a real time saver and keeps the stock quantity in sync for you across all your shops. After purchasing and installing the plugin, you can add the URLs of the WooCommerce shops you want to synchronize to in the plugin settings (menu item WooCommerce » Stock Synchronization). Make sure the plugin is installed and activated on all your stores and set a random synchronization password. You’ll need to use this same password on all the connected stores. It’s as easy as that and as soon as stock levels change, the inventory value automatically updates on all connected shops.

Sync WooCommerce Inventory SKU

Ensure that all corresponding products share the same inventory SKU across your shops (if you use variable products / product variations, make sure that all variations have their own unique SKU), the SKU will be used to identify products during synchronization. The plugin will update the product inventory on all connected shops whenever the stock level of a product changes, for example when a new order is paid.


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