Woothumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

in on June 18, 2020


Thousands of WooCommerce store owners use the power of WooThumbs to embed video into the product image gallery, display multiple images per variation, and completely customise the look and feel of their product images. To put it simply, WooThumbs WordPress Plugin is packed full of features to improve your WooCommerce product image gallery.

WooThumbs for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Features

  • WooCommerce fullscreen gallery
  • Responsive and touch friendly
  • Enable sliding thumbnails with WooThumbs to improve interaction and remove page clutter
  • Image carousel
  • WooCommerce image zoom
  • Embed videos and media
  • Multiple images per variation

Note: Just allow Freemius to collect data and the plugin is good to go.


Release Information

  • Released

    June 18, 2020

  • Last Updated

    October 13, 2020

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