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in on June 10, 2020


Add an “Apply with Facebook” button to job listings which have an ’email’ apply method.

Allow candidates to apply to jobs via email using their Facebook profile. The Apply with Facebook plugin allows candidates to apply to a job using the their Facebook profile. This plugin makes use of a Facebook app which you will create for your site. The button to apply via Facebook will be shown beside the standard apply button. When a candidate clicks this button, the plugin will open a window allowing the candidate to login to Facebook. After logging in, the user’s profile will be displayed along with a cover letter field. Apply with Facebook will work for any job with an email address set as the application method (this will be the address which receives the application). It can also work for all jobs regardless of application method if you’re using Job Applications which integrates with this plugin. To use this plugin you’ll need a Facebook developer account and you’ll need to create an app. See the documentation for more information.


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    June 10, 2020

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    July 9, 2020

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