Why choose Festinger's Vault?

You may call me Festinger, and I’ll be your go-to guy for all things WordPress you may imagine. I have a great collection of paid WordPress themes and plugins, all 100% legal. I believe in the open source community and believe that WordPress should be available and affordable to all. Unfortunately premium products authors refuse to decouple support from the code, they won’t set regional price differences and they rarely offer discounts to students, low waged or the young. We are providing a third way by redistributing the code without any unneeded extras and I don’t sell premium products to make money, I make money to bring more premium products to The Vault.

How can I trust you?

Again, a completely valid point. For those of you who don’t know me from BlackHatWorld, I have a reputation for clean, awesome WordPress themes and plugins, some of which you can even get for free. If you’re still unsure, be my guest and check out some (if not all) of the provided links. Just try to count all the grateful people on the threads. Come on, be my guest! I have nothing to hide.

How can I be sure that your items I download are safe?

This is probably the biggest concern people have about downloading plugins like this. You can rest assured that I did not tamper with any of these files. They’re all as clean as a whistle. It goes without saying that you can run them through any and all antivirus and anti-malware software you can think of if you’re still unsure. The majority of the themes and plugins in the vault are untouched, that means not in single file has been touched. However, some items may not work without activation and these are safely activated by me. These items have been marked with a ‘Nulled’ tag on their item page.

How fast I will get purchased WordPress item?

In general, items should be downloaded immediately after successful purchase. It may vary on the payment gateway you’ve used during the checkout.

What can I do with downloaded item?

Use a purchased item for your own personal or client websites.

What I cannot do with purchased item?

You may not offer them for redistribution or resale again of any kind. Your account will be locked and no refund will be issued.

How many sites can I use the theme or plugin on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are 100% GPL licensed so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.

Are these 100% genuine items?

Yes, 100%. I approve each item manually after checking & screening with my rock solid screening process. The downloads are not altered in any way, beside the items marked as ‘nulled’.

Do you provide updates to the items?

Yes. As soon as I get notified about an update, I go and download it from the author and update it on the site. I send regular emails advising when items have been updated so please be sure to provide an active email address when you sign up. Items are updated on daily basis. You can submit an update request on the items page if you need an update sooner.

An item I downloaded is asking for a license activation code or to Upgrade to Premium. What to do?

Ignore it. Developers include these so that the product can update automatically or so that you can register for their support. The item itself will work perfectly fine without anything being entered in the box. I would recommend updating your product manually when updates become available on our site. Looking for guidance on How To Update them manually? See The Documentation **aanvullen**.

Do you provide support?

Basically Not. If you require technical support regarding a theme or plugin then you will need to either purchase the product directly from the original author (a link is provided in the product page) or you will need to hire a freelancer to take a look for you. Alternatively you could ask me for paid help. Not offering support is the way in which I am able to offer the products at the discounted price.

Can I make a request for a WordPress plugin or theme that isn't listed on your website?

Let’s put it this way: You can make any request you like, and I will do my best to grant your wish. But some things are not possible to achieve, and I cannot give you my word that I’ll be able to make it work all the time, every time. I will count the amount of requests for a certain theme or plugin and decide to add it. Follow this tutorial to request a new item.

What is your refund policy?

Since this service offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods I do not provide refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on the website. Please make sure that you’ve carefully read service description before making a purchase. Also, refunds will not be provided if your access to the private storage has been revoked. Renewals will not be refunded.