How to null Divi Overlays

by Festinger in on June 19, 2020

Here’s how to null this one so you get to see the license screen like you’ve actually activated it with a legit license (and the plugin works fully):

All the code changes are in the file do_lm.php Line numbers are for an unedited file – if you add code, the line numbers may change.

First off comment out line 25.

This removes the api url from being used by the code so we know it’s not going to contact home successfully.

Replace line 445 which is

$activate_results = json_decode( $this->activate( $args ), true ); with $activate_results = array(‘activated’=>true);

This allows using any key and email to activate.

comment out line 162 which is


This removes the update checks which contact home

At this point, the license page still says deactivated (although the api key and email get green ticks).

This is because the status is set with a license check every time the plugins loads.

This check fails with an Invalid Request because we removed access to the api url which is used in the check. (It would also fail if we didn’t comment out the api url because we don’t actually have a legit key).

To fix this check, find the public function status( $args ) on line 745.

Add the following code as the first line of the function:

return ‘{“status_check”:”active”}’;

All should be good to go now… use anything in the key and email fields and hit the Save Changes button.

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