How to null Royal theme

by Festinger in on June 17, 2020

You can activate this theme either in the setup wizard or through the dashboard so both need to be nulled. In the file framework/version-check.php find the function process_form which starts on line 295 after line 297 which is:

$code = trim( $_POST['purchase-code'] );

add this:

$this->activate( 'Well hello there!', 'api_key_blah_blah_blah' ); $redirect_url = ( class_exists( 'Redux' ) ) ? admin_url( 'admin.php?page=_options' ) : admin_url( 'themes.php?page=install-required-plugins' ) ;
echo   '<p class="updated">' . esc_html__('Theme is activated! You will be redirected in a few seconds', 'woopress') . '<script type="text/javascript"> setTimeout( function() { window.location.href = "' . $redirect_url . '"; }, 3000 ); </script></p>';

Then in the file in framework/inc/envato_setup/envato_setup.php find the function process_form on line 1730, after line 1732 which is:

$code = trim( $_POST['purchase-code'] );

add this code:

$this->activate( 'Well hello there!', 'api_key_blah_blah_blah' ); return;

You can now use any key to activate the theme through either the setup wizard or the theme options in dashboard.

However, as with all their themes that can be activated, you still don’t have access to the premium plugins as when you install them through the dashboard they are served from their api server after a license check.

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