How to null Smart Notifications plugin

by Festinger in on June 22, 2020

In the file class.controller.php find the function plugins_bootstrap around line 534 Add this to the start of the function code:

self::$apisetting = get_option('smpush_options');
self::$apisetting['purchase_code'] = '123123123123'; self::$apisetting['vip'] = 1; update_option('smpush_options', self::$apisetting);

Then in the file class.autoupdate.php find the function auto_update around line 24 at the start of the function code add this:


No need to enter any code. (in fact, you won’t be able to because the auto-update page won’t show anything anymore – but it also won’t contact home and try to update, fail and then reset the license etc.)

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