How To Null Ultimate Affiliate Pro [Updated]

by Festinger in on June 20, 2020

There are 2 easy ways of nulling this one.

The first way is in the file indeed-affiliate-pro/classes/Uap_Db.class.php find the function

envato_check_license which starts on line 6437.

Add as the first line of the function:

return true;

That’s it, no need to enter any key. All locked function will be available and no nag messages etc.

However, if you go to the Help page the license key field will be blank.

If you want the license key field to show a license then instead, null it this way:

In the file, indeed-affiliate-pro/classes/Uap_Db.class.php find the function envato_licensing which starts on line 5936.

Paste the following at the top of the function (you can replace the whole code of the function with this if you’d rather, it will run the same):

update_option('uap_license_set', 1);
update_option('uap_envato_code', $code);
return true;

Now you can enter any license key and the plugin will activate and the license key you entered will show the license key on the help page.

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